The Smart Model explained

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Your Advantages with Smart

You continue working like a freelancer

You are responsible for the acquisition of orders and negotiating the terms of the contract with your clients. You independently and personally fulfill the orders that you process with Smart as your employer. This allows you to combine the flexibility of freelancing with the benefits of employment!

You are covered by public insurance

As an employee at Smart, you are covered by the following insurances: public health insurance and long-term care insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance as well as accident and professional liability insurance.

You receive a regular salary

Your salary results from the orders that you process via the cooperative. Your salary is calculated based on the average sum of the confirmed orders. Thanks to the payment guarantee, you will receive your salary even if clients have not paid the invoice yet.

We take care of the administrative work for you

Use the Smart Portal to easily keep track of your orders and employment. You no longer have to invoice your clients directly and Smart takes care of managing payment reminders. As your employer, Smart takes care of the payment of social security contributions and payroll taxes.

Also for collectives!

Do you work as a collective or project group? Become Smart employees together and avoid the hassle of setting up your own company.

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Take full advantage of the community and the network!

You can network with other members, easily start joint projects and implement ideas. Benefit from workshops and networking events and help shape the future of the cooperative!

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Let’s talk about money

The Smart fee

The Smart fee is deducted from every order you process with Smart: this is 9% of the net invoiced amount. As a member of Smart, you are part of a shared company- the Smart fee is a contribution to the functioning of the cooperative. The income from the Smart fee flows back into the cooperative’s services, its development and into the compensation of payment defaults. For all orders implemented outside of Smart, there are no costs for you.

Is Smart the right choice for you?

Together with a Smart advisor, you determine your monthly salary. This is based on your expected or already confirmed orders. The confirmed order volume minus the Smart fee is paid into your Smart budget, from which we pay your salary and cover any employment costs and professional expenses.

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Employment Conditions

Minimum average monthly income of €760 to have access to public healthcare insurance

In order to be covered by social security as a Smart employee, the majority of your income must come from your employment at Smart. Your monthly orders must average at least €760 (net) per month. These orders must be invoiced by Smart and carried out by you independently and personally.

Valid work permit for Germany

You must be officially based and registered in Germany. If you are non-EU citizen, you must have a valid residence permit with the additional remark “Employment permitted” („Beschäftigung gestattet“ or „Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet“).

Your professional activity: Services & non-regulated professions

Smart can only issue invoices for services that do not require licenses. These include, for example, business consulting, IT support, software development, education, translation, tour guides, content management, public relations, creative fields and much more. If you are unsure whether you can process your activity with Smart, please contact us for clarification. Please note that the sale of goods and online shops are currently not possible with us.

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We are generally available by phone, email, or by appointment on-site between 9 AM and 4 PM.

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