Smart Wins: Berlin’s Social Enterprises 2022


Smart gewinnt den ersten Preis in der Kategorie Transformation bei Berlins Soziale Unternehmen 2022

Smart Cooperative Wins First Place in Transformation Category

The Smart Cooperative is proud to announce that we have won first place in the Transformation category at the “Berlin’s Social Enterprises 2022” awards, organized by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy, and Public Enterprises. This award recognizes our innovative work model designed to provide better social, financial, and administrative security for solo self-employed individuals and collectives across various service industries.

Staatssekretär Michael Biel presented the award during a ceremony at the Impact Hub Berlin. The Transformation category highlights companies that drive economic change and innovation. SMartDe eG was honored for our efforts in transforming the work landscape for freelancers and the self-employed.

Smart Cooperative: Leading the Way in Innovative Work Models for the Self-Employed

SMartDe eG offers a unique cooperative approach that combines the flexibility of self-employment with the security of traditional employment. Our members are employed by the cooperative, which allows them to benefit from statutory health, pension, and unemployment insurance, payment guarantees, and the shared entrepreneurial responsibility within our community-oriented enterprise.

Our Mission and Impact

Our mission is to provide self-employed individuals with the social and financial security they deserve, fostering a sustainable self-employment environment. By alleviating the administrative burden, we enable our members to focus on their core competencies while enjoying the benefits of a supportive network and solidary economy. This innovative model ensures that freelancers and self-employed workers can thrive in a system that values their contributions and well-being.

Recognition and Future Goals

Receiving this award is a significant milestone for SMartDe eG and a testament to our commitment to creating a more equitable and sustainable work environment. We extend our gratitude to the Senate Department for Economics, Energy, and Public Enterprises, Impact Hub Berlin, and the platform Social Economy Berlin for recognizing our efforts.

We also want to thank our dedicated team, members, and all partners who have supported us in our journey. Special recognition goes to Alicja Möltner from SMart Deutschland for her exceptional contributions to our success.

As we continue to grow and innovate, we look forward to expanding our impact and helping more self-employed individuals and freelancers benefit from our cooperative model. This award marks the beginning of a new era for SMartDe eG, and we are excited about the future successes and transformations we will achieve together.

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